Taxation of Expats

A. Why should expats or employers of expats care about taxation?

Successful tax planning allows expats to minimize their tax liability while staying in compliance with the law.

Navigating tax laws in multiple countries requires time and expertise. RockFin can handle all your tax requirements, providing you with the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Mauritius.

B. Common Tax Issues that Expats in Mauritius should be aware of:

C. Are you an expatriate who needs our services?

(i) You are not a Mauritian citizen

  • You live and work in Mauritius (e.g., you have a permanent residence here)

  • You are a retiree enjoying the beaches in Mauritius:

    - you do not work or earn income in Mauritius but you earn income from other countries

    - you earn some income in Mauritius AND other countries

  • You are temporarily working in Mauritius (e.g., your employer sends you on business in Mauritius for 3 months)

  • You are a digital nomad, running an online business in a foreign country but working remotely in Mauritius for more than 183 days

  • (ii) You are a Mauritian citizen

  • You do not live in Mauritius BUT you have some investments or earn some income in the country.

  • You are a Mauritian citizen living abroad but wish to invest in Mauritius or use it as a vehicle to invest in other countries.

  • You live and work abroad and send income to Mauritius on a regular basis.

  • D. Are you an employer having expatriates on your payroll ?

    You are required to comply with Pay As You Earn (PAYE) obligations on account of your employees including expatriates

    Share awards are treated as employment compensation and computed under specific rules

    Remuneration of expats on overseas assignments comprise a host of compensation items each requiring a specific tax treatment

    If you need assistance to comply with the Mauritius tax law as they apply to expatriates , reach out to us. We can assist.

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